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The journal "Listy cukrovarnické" (Sugar Journal) was founded and originally self-published by Karel Preis, a professor of inorganic and analytical chemistry at the Prague Polytechnic. The first issue was published in October 1882. Listy cukrovarnické was edited by Preis in cooperation with dr. Milan Nevole, a senior lecturer of organic chemistry and an owner of a private laboratory. In the year 1893/94 Dr. Nevole was replaced by his laboratory colleague Karel C. Neumann, who was a regular contributor of the editorial staff since 1885.
After the death of prof. Preis in 1916, the publication of Listy Cukrovarnické was taken over by Spolek pro průmysl cukrovarnický v Čechách (The Association for the Sugar Industry in Bohemia). K. C. Neumann had left the editorial staff a year before due to his health problems. František Herles then became the responsible editor and worked in Listy till 1924. Otakar Falada, a former director of a sugar research station in Vienna, joined the editorial staff in 1922 and edited the journal till 1938 when dr. Rudolf Kopecký became the leading person of the journal. Dr. Kopecký then worked in the journal until his retirement in 1961.

Since 1882 Listy cukrovarnické was issued monthly, and as from the volume 1893/94 three times a month. During the First Republic era it acquired a new position and was significantly improved: since 1918/19 it became a weekly periodical with the supplement "Zpravodaj" (The Reporter) dedicated to business and economic matters (there was a German version of it called "Prager Zuckermarkt"). Another supplements were "Rozhledy" ("Prospects", an overview of scientific press), "Finanční hlídka" (Financial Watch), "Věstník spolku cukrovarnických dělníků" (The Association of Sugar Workmen Bulletin) etc.

During the German occupation the publication of the journal encountered numerous problems. In 1944 it was finally discontinued by an authoritative decision. In autumn 1945, Listy Cukrovarnické was resumed as a fortnightly journal. Since 1951 the journal is published in accordance with the calendar year (prior to that the volumes corresponded to marketing years). The leading editors that worked in the journal later were Břetislav Hojdem (1953–58), dr. Jaroslav Pucherna (1958–72) and dr. Antonín Kovařík (1973–91).

Since 1991 the journal is published by Výzkumný ústav cukrovarnický (Research Institute of Sugar Industry, nowadays VUC Praha). As from the year 1992 it is published also as a sugar beet scientific journal called "Listy cukrovarnické a řepařské", the current editor in chief being Blahoslav Marek. The journal is presently subscribed by for example all sugar factories and sugar beet growers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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