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Take a look at an advertisement from the first issue (1/1882)


ADVERTISEMENT DIMENSIONS (width x height in millimeters)

Full Page 2/3 Page 1/2 Page 1/3 Page
210 x 297     177 x 252     177 x 170     117 x 252     177 x 126     86 x 252     177 x 85     57 x 252

Title Page (210 x 200 mm): 13 000,- CZK
Full Page – in color: 12 000,- CZK
2/3 Page: 8 000,- CZK
1/2 Page: 6 500,- CZK
1/3 Page: 5 000,- CZK
Other formats to be consulted beforehand.
Our foreign advertisers are billed in EUR (or another currency). The price is calculated by the current exchange rate:

The price will have to be negotiated.

The calculation of the discounts is based on the number of times an advertisement reappears in the journal in the scope of a volume. The discount can be also calculated retrospectively. If your advertisement appears in a volume 3 to 5 times, the discount is 5 %, 6 to 8 times yields a discount of 7 %, and an advertisement that appears in a volume 9 or more times will get the discount of 10 %.
The price includes the delivery of one print of the journal as a voucher copy.

Material: PDF file or file formats TIFF, JPG, PDF (resolution 360 DPI); files EPS, AI, CDR (in curves), text – RTF, DOC.
Material for scanning and other materials after consultation. Files for the PC platform.

One of those that take part in issuing the journal Listy cukrovarnické a řepařské is the Bohemian-Moravian Sugar Association, the Sugar Beet Growers Association and the Union of Distilleries of the Czech Republic. It is through these associations that all growers of sugar beet, all sugar factories and ethanol producers in the Czech Republic have a subscription of Listy cukrovarnické a řepařské. Apart from them, we have other individual subscribers: universities, research and academic institutes, libraries, schools, state institutions, firms supplying seed, pesticides, machinery etc., food industry companies, firms related to our branch etc. Listy cukrovarnické a řepařské is also shipped to Slovakia in cooperation with Slovak Association of Sugar Producers and is subscribed by a number of subjects in other countries.

Listy cukrovarnické a řepařské, K dolum 919/12, 143 00 Praha 4, Czech Republic
e-mail: cukr-listy(a)centrum.cz.

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