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ZÍTKA Ondřej1, SOCHOR Jiří1, CERNEI Natalia1, ADAM Vojtěch1, ZEHNÁLEK Josef1, HORNA Aleš2, HUBÁLEK Jaromír3, TRNKOVÁ Libuše4, HAVEL Ladislav1, KIZEK René1
(1Mendelova univerzita, 2Radanal s.r.o., 3Vysoké učení technické v Brně, 4Masarykova univerzita)

Studium interakce kademnatých iontů s cysteinem
A study of interaction of cadmium(II) ions with cysteine

Due to the newly emerging knowledge about the role of metals in organisms the study of metal interactions with biomolecules is topical. Aminoacids, mainly cysteine, belong to the one of the biomolecules groups attracting the attention. Cysteine is due to its chemical properties parts of many metal-binding peptides, structural proteins and enzymes. The aim of this study was to optimize a method for monitoring interactions between metals and aminoacids in vitro by using UV-VIS spectrometry. We investigated the influence of several factors such as the concentration of both components and the time for complex formation between the aminoacid and the metal. We have managed to automate the method of preparation, and with an automatic analysis method, we have achieved high accuracy and repeatability of this type measurements.

Key words: complex, aminoacid, metal, UV-VIS spectrometry, automated method.

Listy cukrov. řepař., 126, 2010 (11): 422.

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