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HÚSKA Dalibor, ADAM Vojtěch, HAVEL Ladislav, ZEHNÁLEK Josef, HUBÁLEK Jaromír, KIZEK René
(Mendelova univerzita v Brně)

Transkriptomika pro posouzení efektu těžkých kovů na rostliny
Transcriptomic to assess the effect of heavy metals on plants

Every year, 22 000 tones of cadmium, 954 000 tones of copper, 796 000 tones of lead and 1 372 000 tones of zinc are released all over the world. Heavy metals (rho > 5 g/cm3) belong to the most toxic compounds for agricultural products. Their cytotoxic and genotoxic effects have been proven however monitoring of heavy metal effects on plants is still important for cultivation, breeding and phytoremediation. Gene expression analysis remains irreplaceable method providing information about biological processes within the cell, organ as well as whole organism. The molecule enabling to obtain required information is mRNA. Development of paramagnnetic micro- and nanoparticles has strong impact on mRNA research. Particles modified by OligoT (25 thymine chain) are the most often used for mRNA detection exploiting the interaction of oligoT chain with polyadenylic chain present in every mRNA molecule.

Key words: Transcriptome, heavy metals, nucleic acid, (para)magnetic micro–nano praticles.

Listy cukrov. řepař., 126, 2010 (11): 405.

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