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(Vysoká škola chemicko-technologická v Praze)

Role hub v biogeochemických cyklech kovů a implikace pro fytoremediace
The role of fungi in bio­chemical cycles of the metals and the implication to phytoremediation

Fungi and their physiological traits are intimately involved in biogeochemical transformations of inorganic compounds and minerals, providing an essential role and being important as irreprecable environmental component at local and global scales. The study of the role that fungi play in geochemical cycles is termed geomycology. Besides their role in cycling of the elements as carbon, nitrogen, sulphur or phosphorus, fungi significantly contribute to cycling of many other elements, including toxic heavy metal species. Here we describe fundamental mechanisms employed by fungi in weathering and solubilization of rocks and minerals or, as opposite, in mycogenic mineral formation, which all together have an impact on mobility of metals in the environment. The importance and potential of mycorrhiza in phytoremediations is also discussed.

Key words: geomycology, mycorrhizas, mycotransformation, metal mobilization, metal immobilization.

Listy cukrov. řepař., 126, 2010 (11): 404-405.

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